In 2004, botox treatment (onabotulinum toxin A) has been approved and accepted by the U.S Food and Drug Administration for the use of primary hyperhidrosis in patients who have not found relief from antiperspirant. Several studies have also shown the effectiveness of botox treatment for hyperhidrosis in other parts of the body. While everyone sweats when they’re hot, exercising or feeling stress, people who have hyperhidrosis sweat heavily and sweat most of the time, even without the usual triggers and this may affect their daily life.

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, botox is scientifically proven to be “safe and effective treatment for hyperhidrosis of the armpits, hands and feet. Additional statistics from published research studies have shown that repeated treatment with botox is safe and effective for hyperhidrosis and consistently results in meaningful, long-lasting improvements in an excessive sweating patient’s symptoms, daily functioning, and quality of life.”  Sweating has an important thermoregulation function to our body and these localized body areas comprise only a small portion of the body’s sweat glands which has little significance with the regulation of the body.

In spite of this, some are still hesitant to seek medical intervention. For this reason, we, at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf, formulated this question and answer for our patient who has done the botox as a hyperhidrosis treatment.

1.Which area do you tend to have excessive sweating?

  • Underarms

2. How long have you had this problem?

  • 5 Years

3. What treatment/s have you tried before?

  • None other than deodorants to reduce sweating that didn’t really work!

4. Where and how did you learn about LCAS botox treatment for hyperhidrosis?

  • I asked Dr. Maurizio about it.

5. How long did the procedure last?

  • 1 hour in total, 30 minutes numbing cream and the actual injections 30 minutes.

6. How did you feel during the treatment?

  • Slight pain while having the injections but completely fine right after.

7. How soon where you able to notice reduction of sweat?

  • within one week

8. How long did it last?

  • around one year

9. Where there any side effects after the treatment? If yes, please specify.

  • none

10. Overall, how will you rate your experience?

  • Very satisfied

11. Would you recommend this treatment to anyone?

  • I have already to a few friends that now have the treatment.

12. Are there any suggestions you would like to impart?

  • No.

Here in our Dubai Healthcare City clinic, Dr. Maurizio and Dr. Roberto Viel use botox treatment for hyperhidrosis.

Drs. Maurizio and Roberto Viel have over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery industry, and are known for their expertise in most cosmetic treatments e.g., dermal fillers, depigmentation mask treatment and mesotherapy. They are also expert in cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation, VASER liposuction, and abdominoplasty.

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