Living in an environment where the sunlight is stronger especially during summer when the temperature is at its peak, the chances of developing skin pigmentation like freckles and age spots on the face is high.

Pigmenation is a condition that causes the skin to appear lighter or darker than the normal skin tone. Hyper-pigmentation is a condition of having brown freckle-like patches. This is often to be made worse by intense exposure to the sun and to certain skin laser treatments for certain skins.

Dermamelan Mask TreatmentAt London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf, Drs Maurizio and Roberto Viel treats patients with this skin condition by using a pigmentation mask called Dermamelan mask and a home care cream that must be applied for the following 3 months.

The mask is applied and must be worn for 8 hours. After cleansing with cold water, you can then apply a moisturizing cream or hydrating serum. During the first few hours after the treatment, you can find that your face can be red and the skin may feel hot and itchy – which is perfectly normal. Few days after you will have a peeling effect which is highly rejuvenating and refining for the skin.

Start using the Dermamelan home care cream 3 days after the treatment.

The dermamelan pigmenation mask treatment effectively reduces the appearance pigmenation, brown spots and melasma.

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