Hair Restoration using PRP and Stem Cells | A Revolutionary treatment for Hair Loss | Dubai | LCAS

The use of one’s stem cells derived from fat has been used in various medical and aesthetic treatments. It has been considered as a revolutionary treatment especially if combined with PRP. 

Hair loss can be an issue especially for those who experience them early on. It can dampen the self-esteem and can cause psychological issue to the individual. Thankfully, there is a possible treatment and that is the application of adipose-derived stem cells and platelet-rich plasma injected directly on the scalp.

The first step is through the collection of fat from an area where you have abundant of them, usually the abdomen, flanks or inner thighs. This is then processed by the stem cell laboratory and will be ready for use after 10 to 14 days. 

On the day of the actual hair restoration treatment, a topical anaesthetic cream on the scalp is applied and left for half an hour. This is to ensure proper absorption and effectiveness of the anaesthetic cream.

The PRP is prepared through the collection of blood from your arm and placed in a blood collection tube which is then put in a centrifuge machine. The centrifuge machine will run for around 5 minutes and will separate the platelet-rich plasma. This is a concentrated yellowish plasma rich in platelet, growth factors and proteins. 

The surgeon will then prepare the treatment areas by initially passing a dermal roller onto the scalp. This is to increase absorption of the stem cells and PRP. After, both the stem cells and PRP are injected in multiple areas. The total time of the treatment is around one hour to an hour and a half. 

Just like any treatment involving injections, slight bleeding can happen during the treatment. There is also a possibility of bruising and tenderness on the injected areas.

After the treatment, it is important not to wet the hair for the first 24 hours and to avoid any hair treatment for 10 days. The protocol will initially start with one session per month for three months, and depending on the effect maintenance can be done every six months. 

It is important to note that as with all treatment, there is risks and uncertainties. The results will also vary from patient to patient. It is best to discuss with the surgeon your concerns before doing any treatment. 

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