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Lip augmentation with fillers has been a prominent treatment in enhancing the volume, structure and shape of the lips, achieving the much-desired soft, kissable and pouty lips that most crave.

Lip filler made up of collagen was previously been a popular treatment for lip augmentation. However, it has now been rarely used due to the unwanted side effects it causes.

The newer option is the filler made from hyaluronic acid which is a substance naturally found in our body and when used to augment the lips, can unlikely cause an allergic reaction. It is important to know that some hyaluronic acid lip fillers include lidocaine, an anaesthetic substance, and if there is a known allergy to lidocaine, it is best to inform the physician before the treatment.

Lip augmentation with fillers is done by injections using fine needles. You may also request for an anaesthetic cream beforehand and the anaesthetic will typically take effect after half an hour. After the procedure, there may be minimal swelling and bruising. You may also notice small red spots where the needles went in. These will lessen after a 24 – 48 hours. An ice pack may also be applied to reduce the swelling.

Lip filler is not a permanent treatment and therefore require repeated sessions after a few months to a year, depending on the type of fillers used and the metabolism of the body. Lip fillers are individualised and the result may vary from patient to patient. It is important to discuss your expectations and concerns with the physician before doing any treatment.

Here in Dubai, lip filler is available at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery located in Dubai Healthcare City.

Drs. Maurizio and Roberto Viel have over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery industry and are well known for their expertise in cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

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Lip Filler | Get the Soft Kissable Lips you Desire | Dubai | London | LCAS