Lip Filler Treatment for Luscious Lips | LCAS Gulf | Dubai

Lip filler treatment is among the most popular procedures sought by women. The likes of social media personalities have influenced how beauty is perceived by women these days and having fuller lips is one of them. Lip filler treatment has been safely used and scientifically proven to enhance the volume, shape and structure of the […]

Lip Fillers: Natural Look Lip Enhancement Procedure | LCAS GULF | DUBAI

Nowadays, most women want to enhance their look more naturally and what better way than to plump up the lips with lip fillers. Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that moisturizes and delivers nutrients to the skin and adds volume. As we age, our skin loses its natural moisturizing capacity […]

Gorgeous at any age | Dermal Fillers | Dubai | LCAS Gulf

GORGEOUS AT ANY AGE | DERMAL FILLERS Our perception of beauty often changes as we age, but whether you are 25 years old or over 50, it’s completely normal to sometimes find yourself insecure about little imperfections you might have and more noticeable ageing signs. A great way to combat these ageing signs is through […]

The different types of dermal fillers | Dubai | LCAS Gulf

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DERMAL FILLERS  Dermal fillers are used to combat wrinkles and the appearance of deep folds and creases, as well as plump up cheeks and lips. At London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai we have available three different types of dermal fillers; Radiesse, Juvéderm and Voluma. These dermal fillers vary in […]