Face and neck tightening with Fractora Firm | Dubai | LCAS Gulf

FACE AND NECK TIGHTENING WITH FRACTORA FIRM Fractora Firm is a non-surgical treatment offered by London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai offers for face and neck tightening. The Fractora Firm uses radio frequency technology that provides optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of the skin. The radio-frequency energy stimulates the formation of new […]

Rejuvenate your look without going under the knife |Facial rejuvenation treatments | Dubai | LCAS Gulf

REJUVENATE YOUR LOOK WITHOUT GOING UNDER THE KNIFE | FACIAL REJUVENATION TREATMENTS A few decades ago the only solution for sagging skin and wrinkles was possibly a surgical procedure. While traditional surgical facelifts can take years and even decades off your face, many women today in Dubai may not be ready to go under the […]

Top non-surgical treatments in Dubai chosen by women in their 40s | LCAS Gulf

TOP NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS IN DUBAI CHOSEN BY WOMEN IN THEIRS 40s Women in their 40’s are usually at their best moment. Unfortunately, around this time, skin-ageing signs start to be more visible and you probably will chose to treat them before they become a real torment. Fine lines may evolve into wrinkles and dark spots […]


NON-INVASIVE FACE TREATMENTS AT LCAS GULF DUBAI   In Dubai, some women are afraid to undergo a surgical procedure like MACS face lift. Some women prefer to have facial treatments that are non-invasive. There are treatments that will take from just 10 minutes to about an hour that will make a difference on how you […]