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FACIAL REJUVENATION. Several factors accelerate the ageing process in the skin. Clinical signs of ageing include transverse forehead lines, crow’s feet, and loss of fat in the midface to name a few. Skin texture also changes as a result of ageing and of cumulative exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Although we may not be […]

PRP Dubai | Restore your Bright Beautiful Skin | LCAS

PRP, an acronym for Platelet-rich plasma, is an effective treatment for facial rejuvenation. The treatment involves the collection of your blood, around 8 mL, from a vein in your arm and placed in a special tube. This tube is then positioned inside a centrifuge (rotating) machine to separate the red component of the blood and […]

Platelet-rich Plasma treatment: The Vampire Facial | LCAS GULF | DUBAI

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment: the Vampire facial. Being in the Middle East, the weather can sometimes be extreme especially during the summer. Temperatures can reach as high as 49 degrees Celsius. Exposure to this kind of weather condition can definitely have a bad effect to the skin. It can deplete the collagen in the skin thus […]


Over the years, we have placed an important role when it comes to looking younger. This is where cosmetic procedures come in. Cosmetic procedures can help your skin look younger and healthier. These treatments help reduce wrinkles, smoothen fine lines and improve skin texture. The following are the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures done in our […]


Revolutionary treatment known as platelet-rich plasma has been discovered and is currently being accepted as a great advancement in the regeneration medicine world. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is now being used in a wide range of regenerations and healing medicine since it stimulates tissue regeneration, proliferation and differentiation of stem cell, and promotes collagen production. It […]


Platelet-rich plasma therapy has been gaining popularity these days due to its effectiveness for skin rejuvenation. Aside from skin rejuvenation, platelet-rich plasma has been used for different treatments in medical fields such as joint healing and bone repair for Orthopaedic Surgery, hair regrowth for Dermatology, etc. The Platelet-rich plasma is not only rich in platelet […]

Rejuvenate your look without going under the knife |Facial rejuvenation treatments | Dubai | LCAS Gulf

REJUVENATE YOUR LOOK WITHOUT GOING UNDER THE KNIFE | FACIAL REJUVENATION TREATMENTS A few decades ago the only solution for sagging skin and wrinkles was possibly a surgical procedure. While traditional surgical facelifts can take years and even decades off your face, many women today in Dubai may not be ready to go under the […]

Top non-surgical treatments in Dubai chosen by women in their 50s | LCAS Gulf

TOP NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS IN DUBAI CHOSEN BY WOMEN IN THEIR 50S You may be 50 or older, but don’t think that you’re over the hill just yet. Many women enjoy this special time of life and feel renovated. You have decades of life experience and may have achieved many of your goals. Your children are […]

Top non-surgical treatments in Dubai chosen by women in their 40s | LCAS Gulf

TOP NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS IN DUBAI CHOSEN BY WOMEN IN THEIRS 40s Women in their 40’s are usually at their best moment. Unfortunately, around this time, skin-ageing signs start to be more visible and you probably will chose to treat them before they become a real torment. Fine lines may evolve into wrinkles and dark spots […]

Latest cosmetic treatments | Drs. Roberto and Maurizio Viel featured in Harper’s Baazar Netherlands

    Drs. Roberto and Maurizio Viel featured in Haper’s Baazar Netherlands Dec 2014/Jan2015 issue. The Beauty Editor of Harper’s Baazar Netherlands, Maroesja de Ruyter, spoke to the italian twin plastic surgeons, Drs. Roberto and Maurizio Viel, on their renowned clinics and London and in Dubai and their accumulated 25 years of experience in the […]

Fractora Firm at LCAS Dubai

Dubai| Is there other way to tighten the skin of my face and neck without having surgery?   One non-surgical and effective treatment that London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai offers for face and neck tightening is the FRACTORA FIRM. The fractora firm uses radio frequency technology that provides optimal skin contraction in the […]


Botox and Dermal Filler with Dr Maurizo Viel We interview Dr Maurizio, plastic surgeon, at the London Centre for  Aesthetic Surgery, Dubai, about the non-invasive treatments such as botox and dermal filler.   How long have you been doing the botox and dermal filler? I’ve been doing the botox and filler treatments for over 20 […]


BOTOX Treatment with the Italian twin plastic surgeons, Drs Maurizio and Roberto Viel In Dubai, most of us are constantly exposed to the sun and it is one of the major contributors to lines and wrinkles. Studies show that over exposure to sunlight damages collagen fibers (the major protein that gives structure to the skin). […]

Lip Augmentation|Lip Filler with Dr Roberto Viel Dubai|London

Lip Augmentation|Lip Filler at LCAS Gulf   Every woman wants the perfect pout and now it’s relatively simple to get gorgeous luscious lips. Narrowing or thinning of the lips is one of the most obvious signs of ageing, yet it is also one of the simplest problems to solve. Dr Roberto Viel recommends injecting filler […]

Eye-bag and wrinkle problem solved by Dermal Filler and Botox Treatment

Dermal Filler and Botox Treatment Eye-bag and wrinkle problem is a very common problem among men and women. Dermal filler and botox injection is available at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf, Dubai and in Harley Street London by our twin plastic surgeons Drs Maurizio and Roberto Viel I have bags under my eyes and […]